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二、 词语解释及延伸:
1. (可数和不可数名词, 尤指新的或创造性事物的))尽力,竭力,努力;(动词)尽力,竭力,努力; (动词词组)make an to do... (= to do... ) 尽力(竭力,努力)做......
2. effort (可数和不可数名词)努力,气力,精力,吃力,费力, 费力的事, 困难的事, 劳神的事(通常指完成某特定任务所需付出的或大或小的努力,可指一次的努力,也可指坚持不懈的努力。);(动词词组)make an effort to do...努力(尽力,竭力)做......
His first in the field were wedding films. 他初涉这个领域时做的是婚礼摄影。
The and of goods and is the aim of all . 生产并消费商品和服务是一切经济活动的终极目标。
I will to arrange it. 我会尽力安排。
The Captain seemed to make an to rise from the depths of , and get back to his face. 船长似乎竭力想从他震惊的深渊中挣扎起来,恢复脸上的表情。
She took a deep breath and sat up slowly and with great effort. 她深吸一口气,费力地慢慢坐起身。
Even the while hiking in the forest was an effort. 在森林中徒步旅行时,即便带的是便携式摄像机也非常费力。
With an effort she her . 她努力强压住了怒火。
He made no effort to hide his . 他毫不掩饰失望之情。
When you came away you made a effort to mix. 你离开时一定要努力和大家搞好关系。

endeavour和effort有什么区别 endeavor